Hair Bonding

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This method is normally practised when hair only exists in the sides and back of the scalp, and front and crown of the scalp area is almost bald. The bonding of the hair is done with a U.S.-F.D.A. standard silicon compound and then the bonded hair is merged with your existing hair.

Hair bonding is a non-surgical procedure of hair replacement. It involves shaving off the bald region of the scalp. This is followed by appending silicon bond on the scalp. A person can wash, comb, oil or shampoo the hair without any apprehension of hurting the scalp. Since silicon soft bond is utilised in this process, it is also referred to as hair silicon bonding.

An exceptional technique for a natural look, however resetting is necessary every one to three months depending upon the quantity and pH of the sweat through the scalp and weather conditions.